Friday, October 18, 2013

Women of Many Colors

Daughter. Sister. Wife. Friend. Counselor. Able-bodied. Cis-gender. White. American citizen. These are just a few words that could be used to describe me. These labels only represent  our best attempt to capture the infinite complexity of who we are. What about you? What words describe yourself? What do you think of labels?

No two of us are born into this world with the same DNA and no two of us have the same experience. We all posses differing amounts of power and privilege based on the circumstances we were born into. I have faith that most of us desire a more just society for all. We're not there, yet. But, it's the only direction I can see us heading!

No matter where we are, our families, cultures, and communities teach us who we are and who we ought to be. Sometimes, pieces of us don't fit that mold. As girls, we might try and push our anger, athleticism, or ability to do algebra away. Guys might deny themselves their feelings. But, it's painful when parts of ourselves are rejected.

Your whole experience is welcome here! There might be issues in your life that you're on the way to outgrowing, relationships or old habits that no longer fit. You are free to shed them, making room for even more of who you really are to blossom. Still closer to the woman you wish to become. The time to bloom simply comes.

I am a woman of many colors. My life has been full of moments of contradiction. How can it not be with all of the mixed messages handed down to us?

When things get out of balance, it's time to gather ourselves up, practice some self- acceptance, and watch as our problems become smaller. I invite you to take yourself as you are, in all your moments of contradiction. There is no box big enough to hold you. No one else exactly like you! The world is waiting patiently to see what unique gifts, talents, strengths, insights, and perspectives you have to share...

You were born in many colors. Not just two dimensions.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Inner Advising

Last week, my husband and I returned from our honeymoon, one year after we shared our handmade wedding vows in the pristine rocky mountains with a few good friends. It was worth the wait to go on the honeymoon we wanted.

Towards the end of the trip, I came down with a nasty headache, upset stomach, and fatigue- feeling terrible on my honeymoon! And, it hit me- you know all that relaxation stuff you do with your clients? You need it, now!

So, I let my hubby wander down the many steps from our jungle cabin to yoga alone, laid down on the big white bed under the mosquito net canopy, and gently kindled the intention to relax and free up some healing energy for my self. Intuitively, I was drawn to an inner "resource development" exercise from my counselor's tool box.

It was time to summon my inner advisor...  In this particular process, we are invited to conjure up a figure we associate with nurturing and support....

I let myself slow down, deepen my breathing, and open my mind and heart. An image of myself at a  much younger age came to mind. This baby girl was smiling and laughing, throwing her hands up in the air on big white bed of her own in a light filled room. Maybe the image comes from a distant memory or family photograph. It doesn't matter. This little girl was truly happy just being there, being herself- the way only very young children can be! I was touched to see her!

See and be seen. It's what you want. It's what you need. I was in paradise with my partner but I had forgotten how to just be there myself! Having been with this little guru, for a time, my headache dissipated and I saw, smelled, tasted, heard, and felt everything in the world around me anew...

She is now available to me at any moment. Whenever I want or need her sweet presence, reminding me to just be myself and enjoy being in the world! You are welcome to summon your own inner advisor when you think it would be helpful- staying with the activity for as long as you want to, making it as vivid as you desire. What message does your inner advisor have to share with you? Only you know.

You are the remedy and you hold the answers.